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"Eat Food, Go Places"

It's safe to say that food has always been a passion of mine. I was never a picky eater, even as a kid. I love eating, and I love the process of creating meals. I enjoy menu planning, going to grocery stores and markets just to browse, learning about ingredients, and testing recipes.


I love to travel, and when I go to a new place: a new city or a new country, I always make a point to go grocery shopping.  Sometimes that means the newest and hip supermarket chain or a wet market in Korea, dodging fish who are trying to escape their tank.  

I enjoy eating at local restaurants and attempt to replicate those meals at home. I love dinner parties, both casual and fancy. I want people to be comfortable in my home, at my dining room table, sharing my own joys of cooking.

Moving to Japan in 2013 was a dream of mine.  I have been eating my way through the country ever since.  From sushi and ramen to traditional and formal teishoku, I am constantly trying to find dishes I haven't eaten yet.  And my favorites, well...I'm trying to learn how to make those for when it's time to move away.



I have met so many amazing people who have the passion for small batch, hand made, craft everything.  Okinawa is a melting pot for creativity and every artisan I've met is filled with amazing passion.  Baristas, cafe owners, brewers, patissiers, farmers, and distillers.  I've been surrounded by wonderful talent and support from my friends.  I thank you all.

Spicy Brown Whole Grain Mustard

Organic brown mustard seeds have been soaked in a room temperature apple vinegar mixture to maintain a long lasting heat.  This mustard seed is only partially cracked to provide a coarse texture, thus having a very satisfying mouthfeel.  A little bitter, a lot of spice, and Timeless Bean to Bar cacao nibs create a sharp and unique flavor.  This mustard is best enjoyed with strong flavored foods, sausage, beef, ham, and a perfect spread for sandwiches or even to compliment a cheese plate.  Add in sauces for cooking or dressings to add texture.

Small batch mustards pack quite a bit of heat, which will mellow out over time.  We recommend eating this mustard within 6 months to taste the full effects.

Honey Whole Grain Mustard

Using the same recipe as our spicy brown mustard with cacao, we add a rich amber honey to create an extra layer.  The sweetness and richness of the honey tames the spicy mustard and allowing it to be used in different dishes.  Great as a dip or spread, and while still tasty on sausages and beef, it will compliment gentler foods such as ham, salmon, chicken, and salads.


We recommend eating this mustard within 6 months to taste the full effects.



2017 Update

Hello out there! It’s been a while since I’ve updated, and there are a lot of changes with Kacey’s Kitchen! My time in Okinawa has come to an end, and I have relocated back to the United States. I have met this change with many emotions – leaving a place I’ve called home and leaving my friends I call family, but also going back to a place I call home and closer to my family.

What does that mean for Kacey’s Kitchen and seed-to-jar mustard?!? I am proud to announce that Timeless Chocolate will be continuing to produce craft mustard for you to enjoy! In the months leading up to my departure, we worked together on a new recipe to combine more LOCAL ingredients for a flavor we think you’ll be happy with. Please continue to follow them for updates.

I can’t begin to thank you all for your support throughout my mustard journey. I am honored and humbled by every jar purchased and every artisan I met along the way.

The crew at Timeless will always hold a special place in my heart, my Timeless Family. They not only encouraged my passion for sharing food with good people, but helped make it happen. Timeless helped me find my little corner of Okinawa to thrive in. Thank you my friends. Mad love to you all.

Where will Kacey’s Kitchen go from here? I’m not sure yet, but it’s best to stick around to find out.

Eat Food. Go Places.